When a Joint Injection Might Be Recommended

Joint Injection Coconut Creek, FL

A joint injection might be the solution you need for your arthritis. Treatment for arthritic pain includes various treatments. Self-care techniques like oral medications and exercise might be part of your treatment plan. If you want to know when you should have a joint injection, here are the details.

Stem cell or autologous fat injections

This joint injection is from either fat or bone marrow tissue. A dedicated lab will separate the cells from other tissue parts. Then, the doctor will inject the cells into the aching joint. Scientists believe that stem cells trigger tissue regeneration within the joint.

Having stem cell injections allows the joint to have the anti-inflammatory chemicals from the bone marrow or fat. The process of harvesting these tissues is invasive. It will be either bone marrow aspiration or liposuction. The knee often gets these injections. But the patient can have it in any painful joint.

Hyaluronic acid injections

HA (hyaluronic acid) is a natural joint lubricant. It deteriorates once OA (osteoarthritis) starts. Another name for these injections is viscosupplementation. Each injection replaces the lost lubricant.

The injection schedules differ from one brand to the other. It is often one joint injection every week for three to five weeks. The doctor will inject the HA at the clinic. Medical insurance will cover the treatment. But it is almost always with pre-authorization.

A patient can get relief for up to six months. The body tolerates HA because of its biocompatibility. This joint injection is good for patients with osteoarthritis. They need injection maintenance, but their pain is not acute. The FDA approves HA injections for the knees. Yet, other doctors use them off-label for hip and shoulders joints.

Corticosteroid injections

This joint injection is a combination of a numbing agent and a corticosteroid. The doctor will give each shot in the clinic. This treatment will be covered by medical insurance. Each injection will give the patient relief from inflammation and pain. The soothing effects often last for about a month.

There might be temporary pain in the injection site for about two days. Patients must prepare for the main side effect of cortisone shots. The ligaments, cartilage, and tendons surrounding the joint will weaken and deteriorate. These injections are most suitable for patients with severe joint inflammation or pain. A joint injection will provide short-term relief.

PRP (platelet-rich plasma)

PRP is a joint injection from the patient’s own blood. The doctor will inject this into the patient’s painful joint. The procedure starts by drawing blood from the patient. Then, a centrifuge will separate the components of the blood. The isolated plasma will contain a large number of proteins and platelets. This blood component has immune-modulating and anti-inflammatory effects.

Sports medicine doctors or orthopedic surgeons can perform this procedure. The patient can get this joint injection once a week for three weeks or a one-time treatment. Studies show that stiffness and pain from arthritis can go away with PRP. Injections do not lead to cartilage or tissue deterioration. This treatment is most beneficial for patients with osteoarthritis.

A joint injection series can provide relief and help you have a good quality of life

Joint pain and inflammation can be debilitating. Healthcare providers want to do everything to relieve the discomfort. Providing you with a joint injection according to the set schedule will enable you to continue with your daily activities. An appointment with your doctor will determine if you need this treatment.

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